Level up your Life

the perfect support for your athletic goals.

We have not developed a recipe with 5 flavors but the right recipe for every type of sport.

  • Aqua Amino is perfect for the endurance athlete who needs a balanced intake of proteins and selected sugars after exercise.
  • Aqua Fit Protein is perfect for easy muscle building. Without sugar and carbohydrates, the lactose-free drink is perfect for your gym training.
  • Aqua Whey Protein is perfect for the strength athlete. 30 grams of protein per bottle and that without sugar help you in the muscle building phase to achieve your desired result.
  • Aqua Energy gives you the kick before or during the workout. So you are wide awake and can train with all your power and win.
  • Aqua Vitamin is for the quiet sportsman. Green Tea Extract especially helps with sports such as yoga and pilates to train your cardiovascular system.

Level up your Life with Hattrick Sports Drink